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    You sit beside two strangers at the table. They wring hands and pick nervously at delicate gloves, but your excitement is different. Your sensation is that of embarking on a long-awaited journey.

    The medium steps into the cabinet and her assistant secures the latch. It reminds you of a confessional, but it is small and there is only one door. In the light of the gas lamps, you see faint engravings in the dark wood. They look at first like words, a blessing perhaps, but then you see them more clearly.

    Strange symbols. Exotic images. Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    An unearthly quiet blankets the room. Time seems to move in strange bursts, and you're unsure if the medium has been in the cabinet for minutes or hours.

    One knock. The ladies at your sides tense with fear.

    Two knocks. You lean forward to better observe. Surely this is a trick.

    You await a third knock.

    Suddenly, the sound of a thousand horns cuts through the silence, so loud that you throw up your hands to cover your ears. You're certain you see the gas lights flicker. The horns are replaced by a voice, booming with a resonance so deep that it makes the floor rumble beneath your feet.

    It calls out your name.

    SPIRIT CABINET Perfume Oil captures the dark, mysterious atmosphere created by the rich woods of a spirit medium's unique position during a séance. A deep and earthy base of rosewood and patchouli is warmed by the haunting scent of clove. Exotic Frankincense dances among the heart notes, evoking ancient temples and spiritual offerings. Ginger and lemon top the fragrance with a veil of secrets from the east.

    Perfect for men or women, SPIRIT CABINET adds the perfect touch of mystery to your fragrance collection.

    This perfume contains only pure, organic essential oils in a carrier of organic rice bran oil. It is 100% vegan, phthalate-free, carefully crafted by hand, and it arrives in an amber glass bottle.
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